AIA/CES Course and Credits

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Among the courses we offer are:

WT01-17 – Advantages of Precast Terrazzo and Accessories  (1 Credit)

This program provides an overview of precast terrazzo products, their applications and the manufacturing process. What better place to learn about this beautiful, timeless composite than from Tectura Designs – the leading manufacturer of custom precast terrazzo and the only domestic manufacturer of cementitious terrazzo tile?

WT02-17 – Concrete Stands the Test of Time  (1 Credit)

Learn what makes precast concrete so durable and lasting – and how the right combination of designs, colors and finishes can make your next project both beautiful and functional.

WT03-17 – Security with Precast Concrete  (1 Credit)

Precast concrete products can simultaneously beautify your project and provide significant security. In addition to covering “K-ratings” and the criterion used in designing perimeter security, this course will discuss how to create the perfect combination of aesthetic appeal and effective security by selecting different styles, colors and finishes.

WT04-17– Green Products (1 Credit)

Amid the growing emphasis on “green” in the design and construction industries, you can gain a leg up on the competition by staying on the cutting edge of environmentally friendly products. This course explains how 100 percent recycled glass is used in precast concrete, how using recycled glass products can help you earn LEED points and more.

WT05-17 – Wind Uplift - Roof Deck Pavers  (1 Credit)

Discuss wind velocity and the effect on a  building's roof deck.  Determine roof deck designs able to withstand wind uplift forces along with different edge restraints options for a roof parapet.

WT06-17 – Precast Concrete Paver - Roof Deck Systems  (1 Credit)

This program explores practical methods for installing concrete pavers on roofs.  Discuss how hydraulically machine pressed pavers are manufactured and the design and application options.

WT07-17 - Plant Tour  (3 Credits)

Tour the 550,000 sq. ft.  facilities to see the processes and design aspect of manufacturing concrete pavers, precast concrete, terrazzo tile, precast terrazzo and metal and concrete site furnishings.