New Thin Paver by Tectura Designs Offers Extra Design Flexibility with No Extra Weight


WAUSAU, Wis. – June 6, 2018 – Tectura Designs is adding to its vast portfolio of architectural paver offerings. With the introduction of its new Thin Paver, architects and designers will now have the freedom of specifying a one-inch-thick paver that boasts the strength of its two- to four-inch thick counterparts.

The Thin Paver’s advanced aesthetic and performance features, to be on display at the AIA Conference on Architecture in Booth 1615, include:

  • Compressive strength averages of more than 9,500 PSI
  • Flexural strength averages of more than 800 PSI
  • Five standard sizes – 12” x 24”, and 12”, 16”, 18” and 24” sq. – plus custom plank styles
  • 18 standard colors, with options for customization, including Tectura Designs’ one-of-a-kind four-color blend technology

“Traditional architectural pavers offer a versatile and durable exterior flooring option for nearly every scenario, but they’re not always the nimblest when it comes to transportation, installation and interior-to-exterior transition areas,” said Rodney Dombrowski, head of research and development for Tectura Designs. “Now, with the Thin Paver, we’ve made the concrete architectural paver more appropriate for more jobs while maintaining their traditional strength, beauty and durability.”

The Thin Paver introduction is the latest in a slew of recent paving innovations for Tectura Designs. Other recent developments include the Quattro Series, a paver that marries the look of natural porcelain tile with the strength of concrete, and the company’s proprietary four-color blending technology, allowing for the creation of unprecedented gradient colors.

A brand of Wausau Tile Inc., Tectura Designs also proudly manufactures American-made terrazzo and terrazzo tile, custom precast concrete and a diverse line of mixed-material site furnishings. Its products can be found on Main Streets across the country and at iconic destinations ranging from Cleveland Public Square, to New York City’s Times Square and Hudson Yards, to Saint Louis’s Gateway Arch Plaza and the U.S. Capitol.




Tectura Designs introduces Quattro Series of architectural pavers, pairing the beauty of porcelain with the strength of concrete


Tectura Designs is expanding its vast selection of concrete rooftop and on-grade pavers for commercial architecture with the all-new Quattro Series, which will provide specifiers with unmatched strength and design flexibility – including Tectura’s exclusive four-color blending technology that makes each paver a unique work of art. 

The new Quattro Series pavers combine the elegant looks of porcelain with the proven performance of Tectura Designs’ American-made concrete architectural pavers, continually trusted and on the cutting edge of what’s possible for more than 60 years. The Quattro Series’ advanced aesthetic and performance features include:

  • Four-color blending for one-of-a-kind custom gradients and a stock palette of 10 unique four-color blends
  • Unprecedented compressive strength and weight, rated at a minimum of 9,500 PSI and 22 lbs. per sq. foot and offering exceptional load capacity
  • Four distinct finishes, including blasted, unblasted, slate and wood grain
  • Industry-leading security from the dangers of wind uplift, backed by full-scale hurricane condition testing
  • Custom size and color capabilities, offered with a solutions-oriented commitment to executing big, outside-the-box visions and design challenges

“Installing contemporary porcelain or porcelain-like flooring has historically meant compromising strength and durability,” said Rodney Dombrowski, head of research and development for Tectura Designs. “We’ve heard our partners express a need for a product with elegant natural looks and concrete toughness, for both on-grade and pedestal-set paver applications, and the Quattro Series answers that call.”

In addition to manufacturing premier architectural pavers – many of which offer sustainable design elements such as actual recycled porcelain and glass – Tectura Designs has established the educational hub, “Tectura U,” to share its wealth of knowledge and best practices on the installation and maintenance of pavers and other architectural products. Included in Tectura U is a drop-test demonstration video that pits a Quattro Series paver against a typical porcelain product, with smashing results.

A brand of Wausau Tile Inc., Tectura Designs also proudly manufactures American-made terrazzo and terrazzo tile, custom precast concrete and a diverse line of mixed-material site furnishings. Its products can be found on Main Streets across the country and at iconic destinations ranging from Cleveland Public Square, to New York City’s Times Square and Hudson Yards, to Saint Louis’s Gateway Arch plaza and the U.S. Capitol. 

Straight River Rest Area, featuring Tectura Designs pavers, earns AIA Minnesota’s Honor Award


Tectura Designs is proud to have contributed to Snow Kreilich Architect’s Straight River Rest Area for the Minnesota Department of Transportation, which received one of AIA Minnesota’s 2017 Honor Awards. Located between the fields of southern Minnesota and the 1-35 corridor, the Straight River Rest area in Owatonna, Minnesota lets visitors inhabit an elevated terrace, offering panoramic views and reflections of the wooded river valley beyond. Tectura Design’s pavers help highlight the duality of the modernized rest area and the surrounding natural forest, creating a refuge for travelers.


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Hudson Yards project, the largest development in NYC since Rockefeller Center, features Tectura Designs’ custom precast concrete and paving


Tectura Designs is contributing more than 26,000 square feet of pavers and 2,600 treads to British designer Thomas Heatherwick’s structure, “Vessel.” It’s the centerpiece of the Hudson Yards project – the largest development in NYC since Rockefeller Center and the largest private real estate development in the history of the United States.

Faced with the design challenge of matching 15 stories of stairs to the nearby pavers, Heatherwick turned to Tectura Design to help solve the problem.

Tectura’s unparalleled customization options allowed the design team to pair the washed finish of the stairs with the matching pavers. The Heatherwick group was impressed with the amount of customization features and Tectura’s unmatched ability to produce the products on such a massive scale and under deadline. To learn more about the Hudson Yards project, see this article in the New York Times

Tectura Designs bollards, planters featured in news story about post-9/11 security


Tough and durable concrete bollards, planters and other security products from Tectura Designs, a Wausau Tile Inc. brand, were featured earlier this week in a news story from our local CBS News affiliate. The story talked about how governments and businesses sought to step up their protective measures and how our 60-plus years of commitment to strength and security put us in a leadership position and led to tremendous growth to meet this demand. 

According to WSAW-TV: “From airport security to entering major sporting events, a lot has changed since 9/11. Some things are obvious, but others are more subtle, like the creations coming out of Wausau Tile. The items they manufacture protect people and businesses, and although some are large, you may have never even noticed them. Driving down the road, walking through the park, or running to the store, some barriers you might not even notice. Production of these massive cement blocks has grown since the September 11th attacks.”

Read the story here.

Wausau Tile introduces two new brands: Tectura Designs and Wausau Made


Each brand offers a unique product portfolio, and both carry on the parent company’s legacy of superior quality and service

WAUSAU, Wisconsin – May 14, 2015 – More than six decades after the nation’s leading manufacturer of concrete, terrazzo and metal architectural products was founded in a two-car garage, it’s time for a fresh start. Industry giant Wausau Tile is rebranding itself to chart a clear course for its next 60 years to better serve architects, landscape architects and building professionals of all stripes.

Wausau Tile will no longer be a market-facing brand name, making way for its two new architectural products brands, Tectura Designs and Wausau Made. Each brand has a distinct look and unique product portfolio for serving distinct audiences within the architecture and construction industries, but both are synonymous with the impeccable quality and collaborative, responsive service that customers have come to expect from the company Ed Creske founded in 1953.

Tectura Designs offers a diverse selection of premier architectural products, including site furnishings, concrete pavers, custom precast concrete, custom precast terrazzo and terrazzo tile. Its stylish, long-lasting products help the world’s leading architects and designers bring their visions to life – and its custom capabilities offer near-endless solutions. The introduction of the Tectura Designs brand includes the launch of a brand-new Collaboration Series, which includes stunning, exclusive site furnishings designed by some of the world's most innovative and esteemed architectural minds.

Wausau Made offers durable and low-maintenance concrete, metal and plastic site furnishings at unbeatable prices. Its vast selection of benches, chairs, tables, bollards, planters, waste and recycling containers, and other furnishings guarantee equal parts dependability, functionality and affordability. As the expert in strength and durability, Wausau Made products are the trusted choice for projects that demand added perimeter security. 

“These new brands will carry on Ed’s incredibly high standards for quality products and dedicated customer service, while also better serving the needs of our growing and diverse customer base,” said Bryan Borrell, president of Wausau Tile. “After more than 60 years of innovation, we look forward to many more decades of providing the finest American-made concrete, terrazzo and metal architectural products you’ll find anywhere.”

Products for both brands will continue to be proudly made by skilled American craftsmen at the 480,000-square-foot facility in central Wisconsin. Tectura Designs and Wausau Made also will carry on Wausau Tile’s legacy of innovation and sustainability, upholding high environmental standards in their cutting-edge operation and also offering environmentally friendly products, including composites made with recycled porcelain and glass.

To learn more about each brand and to find your sales representative, visit and

About Wausau Tile Inc.
Wausau Tile Inc. manufactures and markets architectural products under the brands Wausau Made – which manufactures long-lasting, high-quality concrete and metal site furnishings – and Tectura Designs – which manufactures premium site furnishings, pavers, custom precast concrete, custom precast terrazzo, and terrazzo tile. The company is guided by the legacy and values of founder Ed Creske, whose commitment to quality and unwavering dedication to personalized customer service helped forge lasting partnerships with many of the world's leading companies, architects and designers. For more than 60 years, Wausau Tile has shipped products from its headquarters near Wausau, Wisconsin, to nearly every corner the country – from Main Street U.S.A. to Times Square, from college campuses to professional sports facilities, and everywhere in between. Learn more at