Tectura Designs creates ‘barktastic’ sign at new midtown Sacramento dog park


This July marked the grand opening of the highly anticipated Truitt Bark Park in Sacramento, named after late midtown resident and civic watchdog Brooks Truitt. The primary feature at the dog park are 7-foot-tall precast concrete letters created by Tectura Designs. Spelling out the word “BARK,” the letters will be painted by a different artist every couple of years. The first iteration was spearheaded by local muralist Stephen V. Williams, who painted the “BARK” letters with dog-related imagery.

To learn more about the dog park and its inception, check out their website.

Hudson Yards project, the largest development in NYC since Rockefeller Center, features Tectura Designs’ custom precast concrete and paving


Tectura Designs is contributing more than 26,000 square feet of pavers and 2,600 treads to British designer Thomas Heatherwick’s structure, “Vessel.” It’s the centerpiece of the Hudson Yards project – the largest development in NYC since Rockefeller Center and the largest private real estate development in the history of the United States.

Faced with the design challenge of matching 15 stories of stairs to the nearby pavers, Heatherwick turned to Tectura Design to help solve the problem.

Tectura’s unparalleled customization options allowed the design team to pair the washed finish of the stairs with the matching pavers. The Heatherwick group was impressed with the amount of customization features and Tectura’s unmatched ability to produce the products on such a massive scale and under deadline. To learn more about the Hudson Yards project, see this article in the New York Times

Tectura Designs unveils new Stone River series of architectural pavers, the first to feature its proprietary four-color blending technology


WAUSAU, Wis. — Jan. 31, 2017 — In a move that will provide even greater design flexibility to architects and designers, Tectura Designs has added an unparalleled four-color blending process to its portfolio of concrete rooftop, on-grade and architectural pavers. This innovative new capability, made possible by Tectura Designs’ continual investment in state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing facilities, adds to the company’s already diverse portfolio of paving products and its unmatched custom capabilities.

The new four-color blends provide customers complete creative control and the ability to create one-of-a-kind gradients with custom orders. Tectura Designs’ new Stone River series is the first line to feature this four-color blending, offering six standard color blends as a demonstration of the new capability.

“Our new paving facility and the technology we’ve put into it have really unlocked tremendous potential for our product-development team and for our customers,” said Joe Conrad, paving division manager for Tectura Designs. “Not only are we turning out pavers rated at 9,500 PSI, but we’re making the best-looking pavers and giving architects complete control over size, thickness, color and finish.”

  • The new four-color blending technology is the latest innovation to come out of Tectura Designs’ incredibly sophisticated, 100,000-square-foot paver manufacturing facility. Tectura has delivered high-performance, hydraulically machine-pressed pavers for more than 40 years, and the massive facility, which opened in 2016, gives customers even more creative control, including:
  • The ability to customize the color palette of any paver, and personally oversee the dye- and aggregate-mixing processes
  • Endless standard color options and an extensive array of finishes and surface textures
  • More than 60 standard sizes, with large, thick profiles, and an amazing range of custom options
  • A vast selection of samples and aggregate combinations
  • High performance thresholds, with H-20, H-25, HS-20 and HS-25 loading capabilities for both light and heavyweight vehicular traffic

In addition to the innovative paver solutions outlined above, Tectura Designs has also developed a proprietary system for securing rooftop pavers. Tectura’s Lok Down product is a pedestal system that’s tested to withstand wind speeds of more than 145 miles per hour, making it an ideal solution for areas in which tall buildings experience strong wind uplift forces.

Visit TecturaDesigns.com to see Tectura Designs’ entire portfolio of premier pavers and architectural products.

New video showcases Tectura Designs’ hydraulic, machine-pressed terrazzo tile manufacturing process


Wausau, Wis. — Jan. 24, 2017 — Tectura Designs’ state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and cutting-edge technology, coupled with attention to even the smallest details, allows Tectura to provide unmatched capabilities in terrazzo tile. Each tile is hydraulically machine-pressed, not simply poured into a mold, ensuring the toughest possible finished product.

Tectura’s timeless terrazzo tile and slab offer a distinctive polished look that’s both strong and picturesque — and this new video offers a close-up look at every step in the manufacturing process.

Terrazzo tile offers a durable flooring solution for any project while providing a low-maintenance, unique style that’s built to last. As responsibly made as it is versatile, Tectura Designs’ terrazzo tile — the only cement-based terrazzo tile made in America — is manufactured to meet low-emitting material requirements and qualify for LEED credits.

Additionally, Tectura’s slabs and countertops create classy, contemporary surfaces. And for schools and businesses looking to add their logos and custom patterns to their next project,  water-jet-cut tiles leave unmistakable impressions.

Tectura Designs’ terrazzo tile and slab feature simple installation, custom color blends and detailed designs, across-the-board matching for tread and risers, base, landings and more, and factor-direct pricing with low production minimums.

Simply put, Tectura Designs offers unmatched capabilities for any unique project needs. Tectura’s terrazzo tile and slab do it all, standing the test of time as the best the industry has to offer.

Browse our complete portfolio of terrazzo tile and slab today.

Tectura Designs bollards, planters featured in news story about post-9/11 security


Tough and durable concrete bollards, planters and other security products from Tectura Designs, a Wausau Tile Inc. brand, were featured earlier this week in a news story from our local CBS News affiliate. The story talked about how governments and businesses sought to step up their protective measures and how our 60-plus years of commitment to strength and security put us in a leadership position and led to tremendous growth to meet this demand. 

According to WSAW-TV: “From airport security to entering major sporting events, a lot has changed since 9/11. Some things are obvious, but others are more subtle, like the creations coming out of Wausau Tile. The items they manufacture protect people and businesses, and although some are large, you may have never even noticed them. Driving down the road, walking through the park, or running to the store, some barriers you might not even notice. Production of these massive cement blocks has grown since the September 11th attacks.”

Read the story here.

Tectura Designs debuts Collaboration Series line of exclusive architectural site furnishings


New partnership pairs Tectura Designs' skilled craftsmen with renowned landscape architects at Damon Farber

WAUSAU, Wis. – May 14, 2015 – Tectura Designs is introducing a new line of exclusive site furnishings designed by the award-winning landscape architects at Damon Farber. Tectura Designs is a Wausau Tile Inc. brand that manufacturers premier architectural products, including site furnishings, concrete pavers, custom precast concrete, custom precast terrazzo and terrazzo tile.

The Damon Farber Collaboration Series by Tectura Designs features architectural tables, planters, benches, bollards, bike racks, waste containers and other site furnishings. Among the new line's diverse offerings:

  • POD: Sculptural bollards that double as stylish seating and feature a unique overhead canopy; also available in a scaled-down size that serves as a complementary bike rack
  • NEST: Creative, modern benches featuring an unforgettable, eye-catching design that offers seating on both the inside and outside of their concrete curvature
  • LLUVIA: Concrete benches featuring hardwood slats on the top surface for seats and inlets at their base that let rain water pass into a unique storm-water planter
  • PEAK: Litter and recycling receptacles featuring unique geometric designs and material combinations

“This new line is a perfect demonstration of what our craftsmen can do when you blend our manufacturing expertise with Damon Farber’s impeccable design sensibilities,” said Bryan Borrell, president of Wausau Tile. “Whether an architect is looking for gorgeous catalog products like these or a truly unique custom product, this Collaboration Series shows what’s possible when we really push the envelope.”

The line is the first in the brand’s Collaboration Series, in which Tectura Designs is partnering with the world’s most innovative and esteemed architectural minds. The series debuts with elegant and stylish projects from Damon Farber's renowned designers, who have created everything from Fortune 500 corporate campuses to university plazas to hospital campuses.

The Damon Farber Collaboration Series by Tectura Designs features an innovative marriage of materials, including concrete, wood and metal, enhanced with bold and sophisticated flashes of color. The modular designs offer scalability and design flexibility. And while each stylish and distinctive piece in the series is unforgettable on its own, they also seamlessly blend with the rest of the collection for endless combinations and one-of-a-kind projects.

“We’ve worked with the Tectura Designs team for years, putting their custom capabilities to great use,” said Chuck Evens, senior associate at Damon Farber. “When they approached us about partnering to design a new line of site furnishings, we knew it was the perfect chance to push their limits. I was thoroughly impressed when I saw the quality of the finished products.”

Visit collaboration.tecturadesigns.com to see the complete line of premier architectural products.

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Tectura Designs is the premier provider of architectural products, including site furnishings, concrete pavers, custom precast concrete, custom precast terrazzo and terrazzo tile. Its premier products help the world’s leading architects and designers bring their visions to life – and its custom capabilities offer near-endless solutions. Tectura Designs is a Wausau Tile Inc. brand. Learn more at tecturadesigns.com.

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