New Thin Paver by Tectura Designs Offers Extra Design Flexibility with No Extra Weight


WAUSAU, Wis. – June 6, 2018 – Tectura Designs is adding to its vast portfolio of architectural paver offerings. With the introduction of its new Thin Paver, architects and designers will now have the freedom of specifying a one-inch-thick paver that boasts the strength of its two- to four-inch thick counterparts.

The Thin Paver’s advanced aesthetic and performance features, to be on display at the AIA Conference on Architecture in Booth 1615, include:

  • Compressive strength averages of more than 9,500 PSI
  • Flexural strength averages of more than 800 PSI
  • Five standard sizes – 12” x 24”, and 12”, 16”, 18” and 24” sq. – plus custom plank styles
  • 18 standard colors, with options for customization, including Tectura Designs’ one-of-a-kind four-color blend technology

“Traditional architectural pavers offer a versatile and durable exterior flooring option for nearly every scenario, but they’re not always the nimblest when it comes to transportation, installation and interior-to-exterior transition areas,” said Rodney Dombrowski, head of research and development for Tectura Designs. “Now, with the Thin Paver, we’ve made the concrete architectural paver more appropriate for more jobs while maintaining their traditional strength, beauty and durability.”

The Thin Paver introduction is the latest in a slew of recent paving innovations for Tectura Designs. Other recent developments include the Quattro Series, a paver that marries the look of natural porcelain tile with the strength of concrete, and the company’s proprietary four-color blending technology, allowing for the creation of unprecedented gradient colors.

A brand of Wausau Tile Inc., Tectura Designs also proudly manufactures American-made terrazzo and terrazzo tile, custom precast concrete and a diverse line of mixed-material site furnishings. Its products can be found on Main Streets across the country and at iconic destinations ranging from Cleveland Public Square, to New York City’s Times Square and Hudson Yards, to Saint Louis’s Gateway Arch Plaza and the U.S. Capitol.