Pedestrian “Pocket Patio” Transforms 823 Congress

At 823 Congress in Austin’s Central Business District, a 1970’s-built office tower is helping to reshape the future of mixed-use buildings. Located blocks from the state capitol, 823 was formerly a typical downtown corner lot: grey business property flanked by a handful of parking spots. That all began to change with Studio DWG’s vision for an unmistakable “pocket patio” that would take back parking spots in favor of the pedestrian experience. The space would create room for natural greenery and seating for passersby, all framed by a distinctive, abstract concrete accent wall.

Enter Tectura Designs, the team that knows the possibilities with concrete are anything but. In partnership with Capital Constructors and Strata Landscape, the team at Tectura fulfilled the vision for the signature wall with twenty custom-molded pieces of concrete, precisely engineered to create one continuous statement piece for a modern, mixed-use streetscape.



Photo Credit: Adam Barbe