60 Nevada Apartments: Colorful Steel Site Furnishings

Newark, New Jersey

Completed: Spring 2015

Tectura Designs was commissioned to provide its durable, eye-catching site furnishings to match the unique aesthetic and functional needs of a new outdoor rooftop space at the 60 Nevada apartment complex in Newark, New Jersey. The rooftop space, designed to complement the building’s colorful, mixed-material façade, includes several different colors of gravel and glass — making Tectura Designs’ colorful coated-steel tables, chairs and benches an easy choice. The bold site furnishings have added visual interest and utility to the rooftop, giving residents the perfect spot to take in the beauty of its downtown sightlines.



  • Carlton Design



  • WS-206 steel bench with patterned seat and back
  • WS-208 steel cantilever lounge chair
  • WS-212 steel dining table
  • WS-214 steel seating for dining table
  • WS-215 steel seating for dining tables
  • WS-304 flared steel waste container with patterned wall