Kiener Plaza: Custom Terrazzo Pavers under St. Louis's Gateway Arch

St. Louis, Missouri

Completed: 2017

Kiener Plaza, the 1.9-acre park that connects the iconic Gateway Arch with the rest of St. Louis’s downtown community, is undoubtedly one of the most scenic urban centers in all of America – now more picturesque than ever before. Thanks to landscape architect Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates and the collaborative team at Tectura Designs, the Gateway City welcomes visitors on a marble and granite-inspired foundation.

Selected for its ability to custom-match a collection of existing marble and granite blocks, Tectura Designs lent its versatile design and manufacturing know-how to the renovation of Kiener Plaza, modernizing the space’s overall look and offering more room for activities.

No matter the challenge, be it size, scale, customization or the complete unknown, Tectura Designs greets big ideas with the can-do attitude required to create bold and beautiful spaces.


  • Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc.
  • BSI Constructors
  • Rosch Company
  • Mason Landscaping