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Aurora series is new blend of aggregate which contains "glitter" rock.  The unique glitter rock is a natural aggregate that adds glitz and glamour to the paver without comprimising strength.  When the light catches the paver the effect is similar to sprinkling the ordinary paver with actual artist glitter.  The camera does not capture the elegance of the six standard colors, you must ask for samples to see for yourself how this beautiful paver will fit into your design plans.

Weight: 24 to 33 lbs per sq ft (Depending on Thickness)
Standard Thickness: 2" up to 2-3/4"
Material: Pressed Concrete
Tectura Designs Aurora Pavers are available in six standard colors. Custom colors available. 

Custom Plank Pavers are now available!



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Installation Specifications: 

There are so many uses for concrete pavers. Choose an installation that best meets your requirements for use and desired look of the finished project. Your Tectura Designs representative can assist you in determining which installation best suits your needs, or answer any other questions you may have. Each installation listed shows a pedestrian or vehicular method.

Compressive Strength =>8,000 psi average with no individual unit less than 7,500 psi  ASTM C140
Flexural Strength =>800 psi average ASTM C293-14
Water Absorption <6% ASTM C140
Freeze/Thaw =<1% loss of dry weight (50 cycles) ASTM 1262
Center Load 1,850 lbs. WTCL 99


NOTE:  Your monitor or printer may not accurately represent the actual production color or finish.  Please request a sample before placing order.