Lok Down – Rooftop System for Wind Uplift

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Tectura Designs' Lok Down rooftop pedestal paver system is made to secure your roof paver ballast or your balcony/plaza/promenade paver areas. The unit is a square base with nubs to align the paving unit with ease. A square top plate, made to match or contrast with the pavers, fits into a recess, allowing for a flush walking surface. Colored bolts tighten the system together for a total rafted paving system.


Learn more about how Tectura Designs can provide the wind uplift resistance solution you need for your next project.



Installation Specifications: 

Installation requirements depend upon individual project needs. Tectura Designs. will recommend tools and techniques; however, contractors should have experience in the installation of similar systems. Grid layout and pattern are determined by the architect or installing contractor. Typical installations begin by determining a starting point based on pattern layout. Next, measurements are taken and chalk lines placed. Terra-Stands or Waffle Reducers are then placed at the intersections of the chalk line and adjusted as required. A Terra-Tab is placed on top of adjusted unit. Terra-Pavers are then set on Terra-Tabs. Should repair to the sub-structure be needed, Terra-Pavers are easily removed and replaced with the Blok Handle or Big-Blok Handle.

Terra-Stand and other components are delivered factory direct with Terra-Pavers. Prices quoted upon request.

Full Terra System One installation, using all components, carries a Three-Year Limited Warranty. Individual components are warranted as follows:

Terra-Pavers - Three-Year Limited Warranty
Blok Handles/Big-Blok Handles - One-Year Limited Warranty
Terra-Tab/Terr-Adjust/Extender/Reducer/Terra System One Mix - Three-Year Limited Warranty

A copy of the complete warranty is available upon request.
Warranties can be negotiated for extension.

Complete Terra System installations require periodic cleaning by use of high-pressure water system to rinse off debris. Regular maintenance also includes adjustment of pavers that may have shifted or been damaged. Installations over waterproof membranes allow for access to the substrate for maintenance. Drains should be cleaned as needed to prevent water back up.

Consultation services are available for all Terra System One applications, including paver selection, project design, and installation recommendations. Contact Tectura Designs' Paving Division for any assistance.

The units are available in seven colors and consist of a round screw on a square base plate.