Series Sesto™ Large Aggregate Pavers

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Series Sesto™ pays tribute to the Longinotti Group and its home of Sesto Fiorentino known locally as just Sesto, a municipality in Florence, Italy where the Longinotti Group is located. Series Sesto™ uses large-sized aggregates for both indoor (terrazzo tile) and outdoor (paver) applications. Pavers are unsealed.


Weight:  24 to 33 lbs per sq ft (depending on thickness)
Thickness:  2" - 2 7/8" 


Compressive Strength > 8,000 psi average with no individual unit less than 7,500 psi  ASTM C140
Flexural Strength > 1,200 psi average ASTM C140
Water Absorption < 6% ASTM C140
Freeze/Thaw < 1% loss of dry weight (100 cycles) ASTM 1262
Center Load 1,850 lbs WTCL 99


NOTE:  Your monitor or printer may not accurately represent the actual production color or finish.  Please request a sample before placing order.