Thin Pavers

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Thin Pavers are strongly recommended for thin set or mortar set installations only. The Coastal series incorporates actual seashells with a blasted finish. The Granite series offers crushed granite with a blasted finish. The River series adds river rock to the paver with a blasted finish.


Thickness:  1"


In addition to these standard sizes, each Tectura Designs paver series is available in custom plank style paver sizes.




Thin set or mortar set installation only.



Compressive Strength >9,500 psi average with no individual unit less than 8,500 psi ASTM C140

Flexural Strength >800 psi average ASTM C293-14

Water Absorption <5% ASTM C140

Freeze/Thaw = passes freeze thaw ASTM C1262


NOTE:  Your monitor or printer may not accurately represent the actual production color or finish.  Please request sample before placing order.


Coastal Series

LP-30 Salt Marsh
LP-31 Shoal
LP-32 Coral
LP-33 Seagrass
LP-34 Black Reef
LP-35 Scallop White

Granite Series

LP-20 Gray Mist
LP-21 Bronze
LP-22 Wineberry
LP-23 Nugget
LP-24 Rib Mtn Red
LP-25 Starlight Black

River Series

LP-10 White Sand
LP-11 Tan Creek
LP-12 Gray Bank
LP-13 Brook Brown
LP-14 Red River
LP-15 Black Silt