Thin Pavers

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All tile pavers available in 1" thickness.  The Coastal series incorporates actual sea shell in the mix, the Granite series offers crushed granite and the River series adds river rock to the paver.  All three series have a blasted finish and are recommended for mortar set installation only.  


In addition to these standard sizes, each Tectura Designs paver series is available in custom plank style paver sizes.



Installation Specifications: 

Thinset mortar set installation only.



Compressive Strength = >9,500 psi average with no individual unit less than 8,500 psi ASTM C140

Flexural Strength =>800 psi average ASTM C293-14

Water Absorption <5% ASTM C140

Freeze/Thaw = passes freeze thaw ASTM 1262


NOTE:  Your monitor or printer may not accurately represent the actual production color or finish.  Please request sample before placing order.


Coastal Series

LP30 Salt Marsh
LP31 Shoal
LP32 Coral
LP33 Seagrass
LP34 Black Reef
LP35 Scallop White

Granite Series

LP20 Gray Mist
LP21 Bronze
LP22 Wineberry
LP23 Nugget
LP24 Rib Mtn Red
LP25 Starlight Black

River Series

LP10 White Sand
LP11 Tan Creek
LP12 Gray Bank
LP13 Brook Brown
LP14 Red River
LP15 Black Silt