Seat Walls

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Our custom precast concrete seat walls, planter walls and other wall panels add a touch of sophistication while bringing the unmatched strength and durability you demand. The photo gallery at right features a sampling of these products on display. With Tectura Designs precast concrete, you can rest easy knowing you're working with the best.


Products include:

  • Seat walls
  • Planter walls
  • Wall panels
Item Number: 

Acid Wash

A20 White
A21 Buff
A22 Sand
A23 Gray
A24 Brick Red
A25 Brown
A26 Charcoal
A30 Star
A31 Fog
A32 Limestone
A33 Misty
A34 Leaf
A35 Rust
A36 Leather
A37 Iron
A38 Night


W20 White
W21 Buff
W22 Sand
W23 Gray
W24 Brick Red
W25 Brown
W26 Charcoal
W30 Star
W31 Fog
W32 Limestone
W33 Misty
W34 Leaf
W35 Rust
W36 Leather
W37 Iron
W38 Night

Ground and Polished

G20 White
G21 Buff
G22 Sand
G23 Gray
G24 Brick Red
G25 Brown
G26 Charcoal
G30 Star
G31 Fog
G32 Limestone
G33 Misty
G34 Leaf
G35 Rust
G36 Leather
G37 Iron
G38 Night

Light Grind

LG20 White
LG21 Buff
LG22 Sand
LG23 Gray
LG24 Brick Red
LG25 Brown
LG26 Charcoal