Treads and Coping

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Tectura Designs makes a variety of treads, coping and base to give your next project the style and strength it needs. Our precast concrete treads and risers are reinforced with coated rebar. Our bases and coping complete the finished look around the bases of our column covers, wall panels and other surfaces. Let Tectura Designs compliment or match any existing concrete floors or indoor stairs with ease. 


The photo gallery at right features a sampling of these products on display. With Tectura Designs precast concrete, you can rest easy knowing you're working with the best.


Products include:

  • C-30 flat treads
  • C-31 tread and riser
  • C-36
  • C-40
  • C-41
  • C-51
  • C-60
  • C-70
  • Teardrop treads
  • Flat coping
  • L-shaped coping
  • Flat base
  • Chamfer cove base
  • Radius cove base
  • Pool coping
Item Number: 

Standard Weatherstone

W30 Stella (Star)
W31 Nebula (Fog)
W32 Calce (Limestone)
W33 Nimbosa (Misty)
W34 Folium (Leaf)
W35 Rubigo (Rust)
W36 Corio (Leather)
W37 Ferrum (Iron)
W38 Nox (Night)

Standard Acid Wash

A30 Stella (Star)
A31 Nebula (Fog)
A32 Calce (Limestone)
A33 Nimbosa (Misty)
A34 Folium (Leaf)
A35 Rubigo (Rust)
A36 Corio (Leather)
A37 Ferrum (Iron)
A38 Nox (Night)

Premium Ground and Polished

G30 Stella (Star)
G31 Nebula (Fog)
G32 Calce (Limestone)
G33 Nimbosa (Misty)
G34 Folium (Leaf)
G35 Rubigo (Rust)
G36 Corio (Leather)
G37 Ferrum (Iron)
G38 Nox (Night)