Epoxy Flat Treads

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All products can be easily matched with any Tectura Designs terrazzo tile in standard or your custom colors to maintain your overall look and appeal. Epoxy self supporting flat treads can be a 2" thickness up to a 48" span, 2 1/2" thickness up to a 78" span and 3" thickness up to a 96" span.

Tectura Designs can also provide flat tread installation assistance. Should you have a difficult installation or have custom needs, we have the engineers and designers on hand to assist you at any time.


NOTE:  Your monitor or printer may not accurately represent the actual production color or finish.  Please request a sample before placing order.

Standard Epoxy

TZ01 Spring Mist
TZ02 Outer Banks
TZ03 Foggy Day
TZ04 Deep Waters
TZ05 Driftwood
TZ06 Tree Moss
TZ07 Coral Sands
TZ08 River Rock
TZ09 Sunny Shores
TZ10 Full Moon
TZ11 Mercury Rising
TZ12 Nebula
TZ13 Comet
TZ14 Stardust
TZ15 Gray Matter
TZ16 Eclipse
TZ17 Black of Night
TZ18 Meteor
TZ19 Earth Bound
TZ20 Saturns Ring
TZ22 Parchment
TZ23 Flax
TZ26 Sage
TZ30 Crushed Ice
TZ31 Cottage Gray
TZ32 Oyster Shell
TZ36 Pink Champagne
TZ38 Mint Julep
TZ40 Fresh Lime
TZ51 Sleepy Hollow
TZ52 Shoreline
TZ76 Mars
TZ80 Northern Lights

Premium Epoxy

TZ301 Frost
TZ302 Platinum
TZ303 Sterling
TZ304 Vapor
TZ305 Latte
TZ306 Straw
TZ307 Mocha
TZ308 Twilight
TZ309 Coal
TZ41 Swiss Alps
TZ42 Blue Hawaii
TZ43 St Tropez
TZ44 Cancun
TZ45 Key West
TZ46 Morocco Crystal
TZ47 Barbados
TZ48 Riviera
TZ49 Amazon
TZ50 Rio
TZ53 Analytical (F)
TZ53 Analytical Crystal
TZ54 Ambience Crystal
TZ55 Tropical (F)
TZ55 Tropical Crystal
TZ56 Envy (C)
TZ56 Envy (F)
TZ57 Echelon (F)
TZ58 Infinity (C)
TZ58 Infinity (F)
TZ59 Retreat (F)
TZ59 Retreat Crystal
TZ60 Ravishing (C)
TZ62 High Society Crystal
TZ63 Brilliance (P)
TZ65 Essence (P)
TZ67 Socialite (F)
TZ67 Socialite Crystal
TZ68 Radiance (P)
TZ69 Optimistic (C)