Pod DF5310 Metal Canopy

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Round enclosed bench concrete with metal top.

Item Number: 
75 1/8" x 18" x 74"
2000 lbs.



Additional Features: 

Anchoring Kit TF9047 included

Anchoring is required 


NOTE:  Your monitor or printer may not accurately represent the actual production color or finish.  Please request a sample before placing order.

Metal Powdercoat

0 Blue
10 Bronze
126 Charcoal
2 Red
69 Emerald
7 Sand
72 Aluminum
8 Black
84 Beige
9 White
S1 Yellow
S14 Clay
S29 Green
S3 Orange
S43 Fireweed
S44 Putty
S45 Brown
S48 Cobalt Blue
S7 Sky Blue
S8 Teal

Standard Weatherstone

W30 Stella (Star)
W31 Nebula (Fog)
W32 Calce (Limestone)
W33 Nimbosa (Misty)
W34 Folium (Leaf)
W35 Rubigo (Rust)
W36 Corio (Leather)
W37 Ferrum (Iron)
W38 Nox (Night)

Standard Acid Wash

A30 Stella (Star)
A31 Nebula (Fog)
A32 Calce (Limestone)
A33 Nimbosa (Misty)
A34 Folium (Leaf)
A35 Rubigo (Rust)
A36 Corio (Leather)
A37 Ferrum (Iron)
A38 Nox (Night)

Premium Ground and Polished

G30 Stella (Star)
G31 Nebula (Fog)
G32 Calce (Limestone)
G33 Nimbosa (Misty)
G34 Folium (Leaf)
G35 Rubigo (Rust)
G36 Corio (Leather)
G37 Ferrum (Iron)
G38 Nox (Night)