Atmosphere Series Tile

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A new line of terrazzo tile that contains recycled aggregate. The subtle difference between the aggregate and the matrix color is a distinct feeling of elegance. The warm colors and larger aggregate create the individual atmosphere apparent in each color choice. Both beautiful and environmentally friendly, this series helps contribute toward LEED credits for your project.


In color palette, C = crystal grain, F = fine grain and P = pearlized. Custom colors available.

Item Number: 
Atmosphere Series Tile
Special Features: 

•All tiles have an initial protectant added during manufacturing.
•All Tile Bases are available in Polished or Honed finishes. Tile Base custom heights are available via Special Order.
•Terrazzo Tile Treads are available in all finishes and field tile sizes. Transition Tiles are available in Polished and Honed finishes only and available in all field tile sizes.

In Stock – 12” x 12” polished finish
TZ41 - Swiss Alps


11-13/16" x 11-13/16” x 1/2”, 7.0 lbs. (approx.)
15-13/16” x 15-13/16” x 5/8”, 14.0 lbs. (approx.)
11-13/16” x 23-13/16” x 5/8”, 16.0 lbs. (approx.)
23-13/16” x 23-13/16” x 5/8”, 30.0 lbs. (approx.)
Some colors are not available in 23-13/16” x 23-13/16” x 5/8” but are at 3/4”



Nominal 12” 16”  12"x24" and 24”


NOTE:  Your monitor or printer may not accurately represent the actual production color or finish.  Please request a sample before placing order.

Standard Atmosphere

TZ111 Maui
TZ41 Swiss Alps
TZ42 Blue Hawaii
TZ43 St Tropez
TZ44 Cancun
TZ45 Key West
TZ46 Morocco
TZ47 Barbados
TZ48 Riviera
TZ49 Amazon
TZ53 Analytical (C)
TZ58 Infinity (C)
TZ63 Brilliance (P)
TZ65 Essence (P)
TZ68 Radiance (P)

Premium Atmosphere

TZ112 Cayman
TZ113 Panama
TZ50 Rio
TZ56 Envy (C)
TZ62 High Society (C)
TZ69 Optimistic (C)
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