Reflections Series

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A fine “micro fleck” marble aggregate and a hint of crushed mirror give our newest terrazzo tile series a sophisticated, distinctly modern look. Reflections tile blends the timeless look of terrazzo with a contemporary luminescent quality – and offers all of the durability you expect from Tectura Designs. The crushed mirror can be easily removed from the mix design for an even smoother solid-color look that’s just as elegant. 

Item Number: 
Reflections Series
Special Features: 

•Available with or without mirror aggregate.
•Available in precast epoxy accessories, but not in precast concrete accessories.
•All tiles have an initial protectant applied during manufacturing.
•All Tile Bases are available in Polished or Honed finishes. Tile Base custom heights are available via Special Order.
•Terrazzo Tile Treads are available in all finishes and field tile sizes. Epoxy Terrazzo Transitions  are available upon request.


11-13/16" x 11-13/16” x 1/2”, 6.7 lbs. per sqft

15-13/16" x 15-13/16" x 5/8", 8.0 lbs. per sqft
11-13/16” x 23-13/16” x 5/8”, 8.0 lbs. per sqft
23-13/16” x 23-13/16” x 5/8”, 8.0 lbs. per sqft


Nominal 12”, 16", 12"x24" and 24”


NOTE:  Your monitor or printer may not accurately represent the actual production color or finish.  Please request a sample before placing order.

Reflections Series

TZ301 Frost
TZ302 Platinum
TZ303 Sterling
TZ304 Vapor
TZ305 Latte
TZ306 Straw
TZ307 Mocha
TZ308 Twilight
TZ309 Coal