There’s a reason that we’re the trusted choice for architectural products at the U.S. State Department, military forts, professional sports facilities and many other high-profile, high-security destinations.

Take for example our steel-reinforced concrete planters. Simply adding greenery to these beautiful planters will create a stunning streetscape while also providing perimeter security: They’re constructed with a 1/2-inch diameter of steel rebar that is encased in 5,000-PSI concrete.

Our security bollards, available in custom shapes and sizes, also provide a significant crash rating and help you control undesired access to buildings, while providing an inviting look and easy access for wanted guests.

So just how tough are our security products? Watch a planter take on a speeding truck:

For even more protection and traffic control, choose Tectura Designs’ custom precast concrete walls and concrete barriers. These tough-but-beautiful products are manufactured to the Department of Transportation’s specifications and industry standards to ensure lasting security.